Success case

Biological species determination system<br/>A biotechnology enterprise

Biological species determination system
A biotechnology enterprise

Using big data technology, we can get species information according to the user's salt distribution. The function also includes user usage statistics and royalty settlement management.

Telephone automatic answering system<br/>A Financial Services Company

Telephone automatic answering system
A Financial Services Company

The telephone automatic answering system takes the place of the manual customer service, and automatically pushes the information through voice induction. The system connects with the member system, automatically records and keeps customer advisory information.

Industrial garbage collection management system<br/>An industrial waste recycling company

Industrial garbage collection management system
An industrial waste recycling company

Intelligent garbage collection management is realized, and the whole process of industrial garbage collection is managed. Including mobile phone APP terminal, garbage truck route is adjusted automaticly.

Parking lot automatic identification system<br/>A surveillance equipment supplier

Parking lot automatic identification system
A surveillance equipment supplier

Using the existing video probes in the parking lot, the time of getting on and out of the parking lot can be recorded automatically and the parking fee can be calculated automatically.

Our advantages

Technical advantage

About half of our members are senior designers and programmers with more than 10 years,20 years of experience. They grasp the frontier dynamics of various technical platforms and keep up with the trend of the times.

Experience advantage

The company was founded in 2007, more than 10 years of software development experience for Japan. After the establishment,we participated in more than 300 types of projects for all types of industries.

Internationalization advantage

We are good at developing multilingual systems with corresponding experience in Japanese, English, Korean and Russian.